The problem. Organisations have buildings designed, furnish them and then service the people who work there. But they have little idea how effective the facilities and services really are. An annual satisfaction survey should then give the answer, however, of course, fails to do so.

How? We tackle this problem by longitudinal data gathering, real-time monitoring of environment-user evaluations and statistical analyses of service performance for, ultimately, evidence-based service environment improvement!

Why? We truly believe in the power of meaningful and stimulating service environments that contribute to the performance of employees and customers, and therefore the success of organisations. Our passion is creating value through HIGH PERFORMANCE facility management and ROI of your facility resources.



Customer feedback should always be priority! At least if you want to drive your services to really be supportive to their performance and wellbeing, and ultimately organisational success. Shign App is the innovative and interactive survey tool that, combined with the services of our dedicated employees, enables this in four steps.


Ask feedback about the service environment.
Shign periodically invites users through the App to review a selection of the service environment features in their immediate vicinity. Shign simultaneously records – where possible – objective sensor readings that supplement the subjective assessments of users.


Monitor response real-time.
Through your online dashboard, you can see real-time results. Zoom in on periods, facilities, user groups and locations and find out where your challenges are.


Take evidence-based improvement measures.
Statistical analyses provide insight into the extent to which the aspects of the service environment contribute to the users’ performance. Then plan what specific evidence-based steps you can take to improve service performance.


Create added value with FM.
Contribute to the performance of employees and customers, and thus the success of the organisation, with meaningful and stimulating service environments. In other words, you achieve ROI in facility resources.



The alternative of the trivial annual satisfaction survey, real-time view of user evaluations, evidence-based interventions founded on coherent analysis, meaningful and stimulating service environments. Bottom line, Shign offers an innovative approach to identify ways in which high performance and economy of FM is ensured through identifying the best relationship between the service environment and its users in terms of user performance.


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Shign B.V. is the market research and consulting firm for evidence-based environment-user evaluations in the facility management domain. Shign is a Wageningen University spin-off company, founded and led by dr. Herman Kok, with a passion for creating value with meaningful and stimulating service environments.

Shign is a close cooperation between science and industry, aiming at knowledge valorisation. Knowledge valorisation is the use of scientific knowledge in practice. She investigates commissioned – as an independent party – the effectiveness of service environments both nationally and internationally, and reports thereon to the client.

Shign App is our innovative and interactive survey tool. It is the alternative to the annual customer satisfaction survey and enables organisations to commit evidence-based interventions to the service environment that contribute to user performance.