The problem.

People spend 25% of their (working) life in professional places like offices, schools and healthcare facilities. Mounted with the leisure time we spend in shops, restaurants and recreational housing, this figure rises well above 30%. There is abundant scientific evidence that the work environment affects our mood, concentration, well-being and our behaviour. Yet, many work environments are not a very attractive place to be in. Let alone that it most probably hinders you performing your tasks at hand, opposed to stimulating you to stay, work and perform. Don’t settle for this!


“Let’s work and stay in great places, where you are enticed and stimulated to perform, but also which cost less money.”

Dr. Herman Kok, CEO & founder Shign


We take a critical place in a world that irrevocably moves towards data-driven facility management. We reveal the impact the work environment has on its users.


By continuously gathering real-time user assessments of their actual environment, analyzing these user experiences and report actionable insights how to evidence-based improve the work environment.

Hereby, well grounded in science, we enable facility managers to support business goals by creating an aligned work environment that demonstrably contributes to the performance of employees.


Customer feedback should always be priority! At least if you want to drive your services to really be supportive to their performance and wellbeing, and ultimately organisational success. Shign App is the innovative and interactive survey tool that, combined with the services of our dedicated employees, enables this in four steps.


Capture real-time user experience


Data analytics


Reveal environmental impact


Enable evidence-based improvement


The alternative of the trivial annual satisfaction survey, real-time view of user evaluations, evidence-based interventions founded on coherent analysis, meaningful and stimulating service environments. Bottom line, Shign offers an innovative approach to identify ways in which high performance and economy of FM is ensured through identifying the best relationship between the service environment and its users in terms of user performance.

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